Yeah, but did they check the kerning on the Koran?

It’s the Evangelical Rathergate! Ergun Caner is an evangelical apologist who rose to fame after 9-11 on the strength of his biographical narrative: raised as a devout Muslim, he spent his youth as a would-be jihadist until he accepted Christ. He parlayed that story, and his credentials as an authority on Islam, into a speaking and writing career before becoming Dean of Liberty University’s seminary. But an investigation reveals that a lot of the story is fictional.

What makes this story so interesting is that he’s terrible at playing a Muslim. Or, more accurately, that he got as far as he did while being so terrible. Check out these videos, posted by one of the bloggers who’s been on this for a while: he gets the Shahada wrong. He thinks there are 40 days in Ramadan. He confuses “insha’Allah” and “alhumdulillah.” The Christian equivalent would be like saying Jesus rose on Christmas– just a straight-up, WTF howler to anyone who’s even casually Muslim.**

Dude, even I know what insha’Allah means and I’m not pretending to be a former Moslem brainwashed terrorist disciple.  Though from what I gather, the pay sure is better.  

In terms of tells, check out how rapidly he speaks his Arabic version of the Shahada – like he know’s if anyone’s really listening, they’ll spot the fraud.

I don’t know what’s worse: that this charlatan conned so many “theologists” by stroking their confirmation bias and assorted bigotries, or that, even now, some defend him as the authentic article despite the heft of evidence against that conclusion.  Like cognitive bigotry.