Normally we don’t like to point to embarrassing gaffes and laugh full gut-busting-piss-your pants laughter at the ignoramus in question, but since Marty Peretz is such a sociopathic, bigoted, evil son of a bitch, well, hahahahahahahahaha:

Obama commented that, if Hayward had been working at the White House, he’d now be out of a job. We’ll soon see how many people and whom the president actually dumps to make it seem that someone was held responsible. By now, someone would have been pushed off the ship if this were a British affair. Anyway, one low level woman bureaucrat is now receiving unemployment compensation. I forgot her name. But the big office at Energy, now empty, is that of the director of the Minerals Managements Service. Still, in Washington, the person to watch taking the real fall is Ken Salazar. [emph: from ed]