So James Risen got played slightly by the Pentagon and ended up writing a “breaking” story about Afghanistan’s mineral wealth – the details of which had been fairly extensively reported over the past several years – right when the Pentagon was looking for a little Afghan War Viagra.  Some bloggers pointed to this chronological curiosity, and other nettlesome details, Risen’s ego got bruised, and then he threw a tantrum that would have made a 5 year old cringe.

Now, with arms crossed firmly, and a pout upon his lips, Risen doubles down triples down in his efforts to show those mean pajama jerking bloggers that he is too the boss of them.

A Pentagon team, working with geologists and other experts, has shared its data with the Afghan government, and is working with the Afghan Ministry of Mines to prepare information for potential investors in hopes of placing some mineral exploration rights up for auction within the next six months. On Thursday, Afghan officials said they believed that the American estimates of the value of the mineral deposits — nearly $1 trillion — were too conservative, and that they could be worth as much as $3 trillion.*

Dude, you’re embarassing yourself.

(as cited earlier by Ugh)