Camille Paglia, professor of humanities, worries about “a landscape of death in the humanities.”  I would agree with that, had it actually made any sense, although probably for different reasons:

This whole thing about global warming – I am absolutely incredulous at the gullibility of people. What is this hysteria over drowning polar bears? And finally I realized, people don’t know polar bears can swim! For me, the answer is always more facts, more basic information, presented without sentimentality and without drama.

2. SIP:

Andrew Sullivan believes Elena Kagan should be outed as a lesbian.  Or as a straight lady, if she swings that way.  Maybe if you tried a different hairdo, the boys would show more interest, Elena.  We’re just concerned for you, dear – you don’t want to end up an old maid on the high court!  Or maybe you don’t like boys?   In any case, she is an unmarried woman of a certain age, and that demands a public explanation:

The NYT’s bizarre profile of Kagan, which plumbs every minute aspect of her most intimate and private life while saying nothing whatever about her emotional relationships, home, dating, or indeed anything that might even touch upon her sexual orientation, gay or straight, is so contrived in its avoidance of the obvious it is almost comic. To put it bluntly: the NYT can produce 4,500 words on a person and barely address the three most common Google searches on her name. There is some kind of disconnect here, no?

I, too, am outraged at the disconnect between NY Times reporting and popular Google searches.  I mean, how long are they just going to ignore the important issues of “jessica abla sex taep” and “dragon age no cd torrent”?  The People demand answers!