Wouldn’t it be better for us all if we could finally agree to get our noses out of each others’ respective bedrooms, and accept the fact that human sexuality is a many-varied and wondrous thing, and that, yes virginia, homosexuality and bisexuality and the many uneven distributions of sexual preferences in solitary individuals is COMPLETELY NORMAL.  Totally.  Normal.  And good.  Spice + Life.

Or, in the absence of that long overdue social accord, we can continue to produce legions of horribly repressed and contorted men who work themselves up into a froth of bigotry and hate in order to mask and suppress their own desires, and in the process create intense anguish (including and especially their own) by urging people to question, reject and feel shame for their own healthy human impulses.

After which, inevitably, those same twisted men will don multiple wet suits, tap dance in bathroom stalls, cruise certain highway rest stops or hire dashing young men to help them “lift the luggage” so to speak.  Because that’s all they wanted to do in the first place.

Just a thought.