So Hacksaw Megan McDuggan gets an email touting the vile behavior of Tea Party protesters, and Atlas Jr. shrugs.  Because the protestors were only mocking a man with parkinson’s disease, and throwing dollars at him contemptuosly, she declares the whole event…an own-goal, self inflicted wound for the people that took umbrage at the treatment of the parkinson’s victim.

…[T]heir behavior doesn’t exactly seem to be out of bounds by the standards of protest and counterprotesters

I guess.  I mean, no one was whacked upside the head or anything like that.  The remarkable thing is, she came out looking like the compassionate one when compared to Instahack Dan Riehl (via Putz):

A protest like that is no place to go shopping for sympathy and that appears to be precisely what he did. The dude has Parkinsons! He should shake it off and move on. [emphasis putz’s]

Almost as funny as Limbaugh aping Michael J. Fox’s tremors.  Almost.  Meanwhile, Dan Riehl also shows us how Jesus would respond:

Tough. Screw the Alleged Parkinson’s Victim.

Which I’m pretty sure is a quote of from Matthew 14.