Republicans are up in arms over the possibility of the Democrats using a “deeming resolution” to pass health care reform “without a vote” …[W]hat “deeming” would do is allow Democrats to get around the political hurdles they’re facing in terms of passing the House bill before the Senate fixes, but they wouldn’t actually be “passing health care without a vote.” Deeming resolutions have been used several times in the past.

Well, that’s not the funny part. This is:

In any case, Republicans are really nervous health care is going to actually pass, so they’ve gotten a bit desperate. Matt Lewis and Michelle Malkin approvingly tweeted this post from David Freddoso quoting Georgia Congressman Tom Price, who says “We’re pretty sure there’s no verse about ‘deeming’ in Schoolhouse Rock.” [bold mine]

This isn’t bad either:

It doesn’t say anything about filibustering either. I guess the filibuster is unconstitutional. Or maybe you can’t fit everything there is to know about congressional procedure in a three-minute cartoon video for kids.

The thing is, the reductio ad schoolhouserockum probably resonates with the base.  Not to mention the fact-allergic media. 

It’s got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it!