Clearly, the Earth’s tilt off axis resulting from the Chile quake is begining to produce curious results.  Kevin Drum, the poster child for calm, fair-minded left-centrism, is as shrill as…K-thrug:

I’d just like to quickly sum up what we now know about conservative Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future”:

And remember, this comes from the guy who’s pretty much the best the GOP has to offer. Pretty impressive, no?

Yeah, the GOP can talk a good game, but they’re boxed into a corner.  They won’t really cut any federal spending programs – or announce a plan to do so – and they won’t try to get more revenue out of the people who can most afford to contribute more (read: Bush’s “base”). 

So what we are left with is this gibberish.  It’s not a failing particular to Ryan.  There is just no way to make Republican math work at either the federal or state level. 

Unfortunately, the American populace has developed an immature view of government based on that same Republican math: we want taxes to remain relatively low (especially for the super wealthy!), and we want the full suite of government services available in higher taxed, developed nations (European socialist hellholes).

On the state and municipal level, balanced budget requirements/tax aversions eventually expose the fallacy.  See, ie, California, Colorado Springs and Arizona

At least one state seems to have learned the lesson.  I’m not optimistic that it represents anything like a trend though.