Text here. I’m glad he said he’s sorry – I figured everyone was sorry, maybe some people didn’t figure that but, having seen the apology, they now do. He even gestured in the direction of a reason for risking so many civilian lives: “protect the Afghan people […] brighter future […],” which is appreciated, though vague, and not his job. His job is to carry out policy, and, under his direction, a terrible operational mistake was made. We all make mistakes, rarely with missiles.

But while mistakes were obviously made in executing policy, policy is deliberate. The killing was accidental, risking the killings was a decision made towards a purpose, and I would like to hear someone who made this decision explain what, precisely, this purpose is. It needs to be more precise than promises of a “brighter future” or “gaining the momentum” or “defeating terror” or “fighting them over there so blah blah blah” or any of the other gauzy reasons which have been offered for bombing people over the last decade or so, because, if the people in charge of strategy actually believe any of that, we are so fucked. Again: what, precisely, are we hoping to accomplish?