Wolcott is funny:

Scott Brown is but the latest of the beauty-salon graduates driving conservatives to spazzy distraction. As NYCweboy argues, the Republican Party has become the fan club for attention-deficit teenage girls of all ages and sexes, unable to decide between Fabian and Frankie Avalon, infatuated with Zec Efron one month and all moony over Rob Pattison the next, smitten with Mitt Romney one campaign and pining over Marco Rubio the next. “[If] if Republicans have a crisis of leadership, it may be because conservatives have become some of the most fickle lovers of new faces: as fast as a new handsome dude (usually white, but occasionally tan) enters the room, their love of last year’s model goes out the window.”

Well, in the GOP’s defense (plus Chris Matthews, Serial Leg Humper), you really could land a 747 on Romney’s shoulders.  He’s positively dreamy.  And don’t even get me started on John Thuuu…ooohooohoooh…starbursts.  Happens every time.