Big Blue:

The thing about the whole OBAMA TELEPROMPTER MUAAHAHAAHAHA thing is that it became a joke among reporters, not just conservatives, who apparently never noticed that presidents regularly used teleprompters until Obama took office.

The fake teleprompter bit is rooted in racial insecurities/straight up racism.  As in: “How can we explain away the fact that a black man has ascended to the office of President when we all know black men are inferior (especially intellectually)?”  Or at least, “How can we soothe our stung white man’s pride at the fact?”

One way is to knock the uppity negro down a peg and/or to point out that he really isn’t all that smart after all – that he only sounds articulate because he’s reading off a teleprompter (unlike all those white presidentz). 

That explains it! 

It’s the same rationale behind Limbaugh’s claims that Obama only got into Harvard Law, and a spot as Editor of Law Review, because his professors and students either changed his grades (out of white guilt) or did his work for him (same).  Because no black man could do something like that on his own, what with being innately stupid compared to white folks like Sarah Palin.

Which is remarkably similar to some of the sleazier, yet ubiquitous, smears hurled at Sonia Sotomayor during the confirmation process: she got into Princeton (and got outstanding grades while there!) because of affirmative action. 

She was, after all, Puerto Rican. Which, and I’ll have to check my Bell Curve on this, places her somewhere above the negroes, but nowhere near Joe the Plumber.

The fact that reporters are running with these jokes is no shocker.  See, ie, Richard Cohen, who is by all of his accounts, very, very funny.  Just as Al Gore is fat.