Oh!  Oh!  Oh!

There is almost nothing the Obama administration does regarding terrorism that makes me feel safer. Whether it is guaranteeing captured terrorists that they will not be waterboarded, reciting terrorists their rights, or the legally meandering and confusing rule that some terrorists will be tried in military tribunals and some in civilian courts, what is missing is a firm recognition that what comes first is not the message sent to America’s critics but the message sent to Americans themselves. When, oh when, will this administration wake up?

Oh my!  Haven’t you heard?  We have to throw away the Constitution because some idiot tried to blow up a plane with his underpants!  Patrick Henry would have seen this.

Bit by bit, circumstances are forcing President Obama and his aides to come to grips with reality. The original plan to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the so-called Sept. 11 mastermind, in New York City has apparently been aborted. It finally occurred to the Justice Department that cordoning off much of Lower Manhattan and placing a security perimeter around the financial district not only would cost something like $200 million a year but also would destroy the economy of the area. A trial there would give KSM, as he is called, a second shot at devastating downtown New York.

Um, how would it give him a shot?  Is he The Joker?  Is he going to be sitting in the courtroom in New York City, surrounded by police, when suddenly he activates a remote control hidden in his ludicrous beard and deadly Terrorex gas comes out of the ventilation system turning the entire court into UNSTOPPABLE TERROR ZOMBIES?  Because, “mastermind” or no, I don’t think he can do that, or, really, much of anything that any other criminal couldn’t do.  But if NYC can’t handle it, the Justice Department is welcome to use my living room to try KSM, so long as they let my fat cat sit on the judge’s desk and dress him up like a British judge with a powdered wig and refer to him as “The Right Honourable Justice Fatty Fat Pants” in the official court transcript.  Probably lots of idiots will try to blow up my apartment with highly-explosive Osama bin Laden Underoos, but for whatever reason I’m willing to roll the dice.  Probably because I’m super brave.

I’m not surprised the Washington Post is losing money.  The Depends bill for their editorial staff must be astronomical.