While the Servant of the Secret Shrill might not be Aware of All Internet Traditions, he’s as right as you could be about this:

Watching some liberal members of the House explain why they won’t do what’s necessary, and pass the Senate bill, I was wondering what they imagine will happen. Then the answer came to me: it’s the Underpants Gnomes business plan…:

1. Reject the only bill that can be enacted any time soon.
2. ?????
3. Universal coverage!


I got nothing but love for Jane Hamsher most hours of the day, but she really needs to check herself on this.  Seriously. Now.

I’m not blaming her and the lib faction exclusively for the weakening resolve on HCR passage.   There’s Stupak’s panty sniffing mysoginists humping their coat hangers.  And the Blue Dogs – running from the Senate bill like methed up lemmings chasing down a cliff all becauseMassachussetts residents elected Scott Browncake in reaction to a persistently shitty economy rampant unemployment a terrible Democratic candidate lack of positive movement in Washington the esoteric details of a health care reform bill.  It’s true.  Fox news told me so!

Given the stakes, every single last not-Republican needs to be pushing with all their might to get the bill passed – even if it means passing the Senate version, and then tinkering later.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that the Senate version is an inferior bill in many ways (the House bill isn’t exactly a masterpiece either), but it represents a vast improvement over the status quo, and, what’s monumentally more important, it is the ONLY AVAILABLE OPTION! 

That’s it.  One bite of the apple, and then the princess falls back asleep for another 15-20 years, while thousands of uninsured…die because of lack of insurance.  Maybe we can console the families of the deceased with the warmth emanating from our self-satisfied smiles.

Unless, that is, someone wants to explain to me how our current crop of legislators could get a fillibuster proof bloc to support a more progressive bill.  When they couldn’t do that before Browncake was elected.  What, now Lieberman, Nelson, Landrieu and Olympia Snowe will support the public option?  Or Medicare buy-in?

Or is it that after the Dems get slaughtered in the midterms and Obama’s political capital evaporates (each, in large part because of the self-inflicted defeat of HCR), then the new, more Republicanized House and Senate will come up with a more progressive bill.

This would be properly labeled madness if it weren’t so bone dumb.  We are a parody of ourselves.