First came news that our Predator drones were pretty easily hacked using off-the-shelf software that goes for roughly $25 a pop on the open market.  Today, there are reports of a new and lethal IED fast proliferating on the roads and thruways in Afghanistan.  The cutting edge new IED is made out of…wood.

Your deep thinkers and theorists will ponder the ways in which our Ooompa Loompa’s aren’t as fast as theirs, and how we have to better protect the population that we’re only selectively killing off in order to change their level of tolerance for our presence.  And for all I know those philosophers might be right about the theory, but diagnosing the problem isn’t the same as fixing it.  And in this case, the fix isn’t forthcoming. 

These are examples of that old saw that necessity is the mother of invention.  And military occupations create a hell of a lot of necessity for the occupied, and a considerable amount less for the easily distracted super powers halfway across the globe.  Even all the fancy tech designed to fill in the necessity gap can be circumvented quite frequently by the most basic of countermeasures. 

The moral of the story: unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t go dipping your toes into wooden IED crates in someone else’s backyard.