Every time a terror suspect is not tortured and denied habeas corpus rights, a neocon dies a little on the inside.  With Michael Goldfarb, the testicles are the first to go:

If he (Abdulmutallab) were treated as an enemy combatant and transferred to military commission system, we could use Army Field Manual techniques without Miranda (not as effective as enhanced techniques, of course, but much better than standard police practice). We could use his non-Mirandized statements against him in military commissions, so long as the statements were not forcibly coerced and were otherwise reliable. Instead, it’s three squares a day, the best legal defense the ACLU can provide, and maybe the chance for parole before the kids he was trying to kill on that plane even make it out of college.

Right.  Because we’ll never have enough evidence against the underwear bomber to convict him in a civilian court and send him away for life.  Just like we let Moussaoui go.  And that shoe bomber guy.  And the first WTC bombers.  Etc.

Wank. Or.