My friends and fellow Christians, it is a most solemn and mournful day when we are forced to postpone the start of another war due to the onerous and demanding commitments of two other simultaneous wars.  Is there another way to describe this Tantalus-like torment other than, “the work of Satan”? 

The US is too bogged down in Afghanistan to engage Iran militarily over its nuclear program, an ex-CIA South Asia expert and current adviser to US President Barack Obama said in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Bruce Riedel, a senior Brookings Institute and Saban Center fellow for political transitions in the Middle East and South Asia, addressed scholars and journalists at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies.

He warned that the US was fighting a losing battle against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, and that Washington would soon have to make difficult choices on beefing up troop levels there.

“Israelis need to understand that there’s going to be a huge drain on resources, attention and capital, and that will have implications,” Riedel told The Jerusalem Post before his talk.

He acknowledged that those implications would primarily affect the Iran question.

During his address, Riedel referred to the US’s commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and said, “We’ve got two wars. You’ve got to be bold to say, let’s start a war against a third party, particularly when the third party can hit you in the first two fronts.”

The US has learned that it “can’t fight two medium-sized wars simultaneously,” he said.


We must rage against these self-imposed limitations.  Just think of how soft our society will become, how morally decadent, how bereft of meaning our lives will be if we limit ourselves to just two wars at a time.  Or, heaven forbid, less!

Just as the country suffered from the Vietnam Syndrome in the decades following that war, a malady that led us to abstain from all armed conflicts (excluding Grenada, Panama, the Balkans, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan, countless ugly proxy wars, etc), we must not succumb to the Iraqghanistan H1N1 Dove Virus, which will cause us to fret about the limitations of multi-wars.

Time to think outside the kill zone. 

What about three small wars?  Or one jumbo and one very small war (say, Grenada)?  What if we change the name of one war so it’s no longer a war, thus freeing up necessary manpower and resources for another war? 

Something must be done, and fast.  We are dangling on a precipice – dangerously close to (and I don’t want to have to say this) taking an option off the table.