Clearly, the biggest takeaway from the Fort Hood shootings is that political correctness has run amok, and the American people are overly cautious in calling out the Moslemofascists in our midst:

Alexios Marakis, a Greek Orthodox priest visiting the U.S., got lost in Tampa and tried to stop and ask directions from Marine reservist Jasen D. Bruce. But instead of offering help, “Bruce struck the priest on the head with a tire iron.” The reservist believed Marakis, who spoke limited English, was an Arab terrorist. Bruce chased the priest for three blocks, “and even called 911 to say that an Arabic man tried to rob him.”

Yeah, but Greece is right next to Turkey, and swarthy is swarthy, so what’s the diff, amirite? 

Either way, don’t sweat the details my fellow Americans, just “knock off the PC nonsense” and knock in some skulls like brave Jasen Bruce. 

He keeps it realz in the face of the PC squares.  As do these irreverent bastards.