Quotable Roy:

This is the whole culture war in a nutshell: free marketers outraged that the market has rewarded something they don’t like, and practicing to be commissars in the totalitarian states of their minds.

Yeah, reminds me of all the outrage from the family values set at the prevalence of sex and violence in our culture.  It is a righteous and panicked anger, yet one totally lacking in self-awareness at the fact that the cult-of-greed capitalism – the sacrosanct “market” that they defend tooth and nail – has  long ago realized that sex and violence sell

And selling being the only variable that counts, and money made the only measure of a man, so it is that every product is marketed with a prurient innuendo.  Also, lots of explosions.

But fear not oh ye faithful, our lord and savior Jesus the market will solve this conundrum on its own.  As it always does.