The prescience of Thom Yorke?

Engineers say a forest of 100,000 “artificial trees” could be deployed within 10 to 20 years to help soak up the world’s carbon emissions.

The trees are among three geo-engineering ideas highlighted as practical in a new report.

The authors from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers say that without geo-engineering it will be impossible to avoid dangerous climate change.

The report includes a 100-year roadmap to “decarbonise” the global economy.

Which is all well and good if one is merely concerned with the rather pedestrian, if highly probable and disastrous effects of global warming.  But what about the almost certain although impossibly remote and highly unlikely likelihood of a cataclysmic asteroid strike?  Huh?  And what do these carbon eaters do to repel alien gamma ray attacks?  Well?  Tough guy?*

(*who wants to bet Goldberg makes that exact argument)