There is a pattern emerging in right wing discourse, but you can only follow along with about a dozen tabs, an eight ball and some of uncle Rush’s oxycontin and pot brownies to soften the rough edges.  First, the Wowie Lowry:

Pity Leon Panetta. The CIA director counseled the Obama administration against releasing classified interrogation memos from the Bush years. And got ignored.

Then, Nancy Pelosi said his agency lied to her about post-9/11 interrogations, and Democrats rushed to try to back her up.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder has tasked a prosecutor with looking into reopening criminal cases against CIA employees and contractors.

Such is life at Langley under an administration betraying liberalism’s typical contempt for covert action and its inevitable moral complications.

This would be the same liberalism that is exactly like fascism, but also all about the protection of civil liberties from government encroachment.  A conundrum only an intellect of Jonah Goldberg’s heft could reconcile. 

This would be the same squishy liberalism that, as practiced by the Obama administration, entails secretly collecting email addresses of health care reform dissidents in order to complete the list of future re-education camp attendees, as part of the march to a full blown Maoist dictatorship. 

That would be a creeping dictatorship that is too squeamish to use the secret police to do any of the dirty work.  He’s like Hitler and Chamberlain all in one.  I believe the kids call it a snowcap. 

Perhaps some Angel Duss would clarify things – I mean, it couldn’t hurt at this point:

Back June, Robert Kagan criticized President Obama for being inappropriately unconcerned with the moral dimension of his foreign policy [because Obama didn’t fully commit to impotent fist shaking bluster at the Iranian regime]. Now he criticizes the president for being inappropriately obsessed with it. […]

So which is it? Is Obama a cold, calculating realist with no regard for morality in foreign policy, or is he inappropriately concerned with maintaining the moral high ground? Or is Kagan just throwing arguments up against the wall to see what [thai] sticks?

A Kissingerian realpoliticker who is hopelessly idealistic and naive in his do-gooder purity.  That’s fucking transcendental, man.  Also, save your penis.