Except, you know, her name isn’t actually Maria.  But she does have Puerto Rican roots (which, by birthright, gives her a certain common demeanor) so same thing.  

Wonder how that whole GOP Hispanic outreach thingy is going?  Maybe they should hold the next event at Taco Bell, cause isn’t that what those people eat?

Update: Karl Rove is a super evil genius mastermind wizard with an 18 intelligence and 19 wisdom and this Hispanic outreach plan is so going to work:

Not surprisingly, Obama appears to be focusing demographics and not judicial factors. Obama isn’t looking for a liberal Scalia.  He looking for a spic chic. Enter Sonia Sotomayor….

Bonus points for the sexist/racist twofer rhyme.  Loses points for spelling and grammar.

Update II: Blog post title copyright infringement, or evidence that lazy minds think alike.