Miggity Miggity Michael Steele Y’all:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele addressed the National Rifle Association’s “Celebration of American Values” in Phoenix today, leveling some harsh rhetoric against President Obama: That Obama could end up appointing left-wing ideological Justices to the Supreme Court — and Dems want to away Americans’ guns while moving Al Qaeda terrorists to our neighborhoods!

“It is ironic, to say the least, that at the same time Democrats in Congress are threatening to deny Americans their second amendment right to own a firearm and defend their families and homes,” Steele said, “they are considering bringing terrorists like 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other Al Qaeda detainees to our communities once the President follows through on his campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay.”

Meh.  Needs more stuff about Jews.  Work on it.

So this is it, then, is it?  They’re going to move Osama in next door to you.  Every last one of you, everywhere.  It’s very complicated, involving things like timeshares and wormholes and stem cells, but it’s happening, believe me.  And when it doesn’t happen, we’ll have thought up something even dumber to tell you rubes, believe me.  Maybe next time the Democrats will be grafting al Qaeda heads onto spider bodies and putting them in your baby’s crib.  A winning message for 2012.