autocrucifixionByron York is upset that people are upset that he thinks that the inclusion of African-Americans in American opinion polls skews the results.  It’s not an original argument – it is just a slightly less-labored version of the thesis James Taranto deployed a few years ago to show that Americans love President Bush – and it proves now what it proves then: that you can be not at all bright and still be a successful conservative movement intellectual.  If you remove a big chunk of data you don’t like, the remaining data will please you more.  How interesting.

In response, of course, York has mounted the conservative counterculture’s official Victim of Anti-Racism Cross, located in the Calvary Estates gated community with a scenic view the country club golf course (closed indefinitely following court-ordered integration).  It’s a hard knock life for professional conservatives these days – as we have previously observed – and getting called “foolish”, “innumerate”, or even “racist” everytime you try to dissappear your unpopularity can make you feel like you’re suffering the passion of our Savior.  The difference is that Jesus suffered and died for our sins, while everyone hates you because you’re Rick with a silent ‘p’.