The blogofascists have infiltrated FOX News:

It’s moments like this when Richard Cohen should pop out and squirt a giant selzer bottle down his polka-dot clown pants.  Anything to diffuse the tension, you know.  Yes, the US government tortured the shit out of x many foreigners, sometimes to death.  Yes, some people (who may well be riding the “write a book” train to Fame & Fortune Station – do the math) may have a problem with that.  All that may be so.  May.  But, consider: what did you have for breakfast on this day 7 years ago?  You don’t even know that for sure.  Maybe we all live in the Matrix and are really just giant batteries for virtal karate robot squids.  Unless you’ve seen a virtal karate robot squid buying a pack of Duracells, you can’t disprove it, so maybe you should spend a little less time acting so sure of yourself and a little more time taking pills from strange people at creepy industrial clubs.  The point is: it’s all speculation, all of it – nothing but he said, she said, he went on vacation and didn’t read his daily breifings, he attached electrodes to his nutsack, etc.  All we know is that there is a range of opinions, and everybody was trying their best under the circumstances.  There’s certainly no need for gutter language.

Doesn’t Al Gore have some facial hair we could talk about?