This is what I call bipartisanship:

New York Republican Rep. Peter King thinks his party needs to go nuke if Bush era officials are prosecuted on torture charges.

King, the outspoken ranking member of the House homeland security committee, said Republicans should “shut down [legislative] activity across the board” if any Bush-era officials are hauled into court.

“We would need to have a scorched-earth policy and use procedural means to bring the place to a halt — go to war,” he told POLITICO.

As a great American statesman once said: Bring. It. On.  All this tea party stuff is fine, as far as it goes, but if we as a nation are ever going to get past this ‘electing crazy people” problem of ours, we are going to have to work together.  Democrats: you need to prosecute Republicans for torturing people.  Republicans: you need to start foaming at the mouth and threatening to tear the government down and secede from the union if you aren’t allowed to torture people without consequence.  Let’s do this thing.