When Bush entered office, there was a large budget surplus and Alan Greenspan was fretting that we were going to pay down the debt too quickly.  Heady days those were . 

Bush proceeded to explode the annual deficits, and balloon the very same national debt that was previously at risk of disappearing at too fast a rate, by passing a series of multi-trillion dollar tax cuts that accrued to the benefit of the wealthiest Americans while fighting two enormously expensive wars – one of which was entirely optional and based on nothing much in particular. 

Hand waves, lies, scare tactics and 9/11.

With the country properly in the shit-hole Bush dug for it, the Teabaggists are naturally incensed at Barack Obama’s fiscal policies: his middle class tax cuts, willingness to let Bush’s cuts for the fat cats expire and his spending bills enacted as a means of resuscitating Bush’s cratered economy.

It all makes perfect sense.   More. Ons.