We’re having a All-Real-American tea party, y’all!

Via.  If you’re wondering, this is somehow connected to “Go[ing] Galt“, Obama must fail, The Three PercentersObama is a CommunistObama is Hitler, Obama is Satan, the imminent sightings of Now-Even-Blacker Helicopters, and the rich tapestry of impotent teeth-gnashing and hair-rending and shit Youtube videos which makes today’s Wingnuttia the special place it is.  If you are wondering more than that, then that’s pretty much you all by yourself there, because nobody gives a fuck what losers think.  If you thought that video was hard to watch, imagine having to convince yourself you liked it.  Now imagine the sort of person who is now trying to make themself like that video, and how much they deserve to feel like that, and just sort of let God’s Eternal Love wash over your soul and deliver you to the purfumed gardens of Schadenfreudtopia.

There’s no larger point here.  I just like watching people I dislike fail miserably so I can feel better about my own shortcomings.  It fulfills me spiritually.