The GOP: the party of crazy randomness.

Bill Kristol: we must exploit the populist rage at the AIG bailout!

Doughbob: we must not exploit the populist rage at the AIG bailout!

13 year old CPAC star and Twitter enthusiast John McCain: we should exploit the populist rage at AIG to make up some facile crap about how we shouldn’t have bailed them out!

Mel Martinez: we must not tell this company AIG which we, the government, own what to do about its bonuses!

(That last link has the bonus what-the-hell? of Chuck Grassley suggesting the proper response is the ritual suicide of business executives. Not your father’s GOP!)

They’re not intellectually bankrupt so much as gone deep in to intellectual hock to regain their fortunes buying commemorative plates and tulip bulbs.  Look for Newt Gingrich’s new book “The Dumb Idea Bubble, And Why Now Is The Time To Buy”.

Seriously at some point when they’re done with this insanity they’ll have to convene some kind of GOP Year Zero retreat to learn basic political competence. “Item one: what is this thing you call a ‘memo’?”