Climate change.  On the one hand, every scientific body of national or international standing accepts the basic findings of human influence on recent climate change, and mainstream economists are in broad agreement that taking action to reverse or mitigate warming is both affordable and necessary.

On the other hand, the President of the Czech Republic, recalling that sprin 40 years ago when the Soviets sent solar-powered tanks rolling through Prague and forced their radical environmentalism on his country, says it’s a Commie conspiracy.  Who to believe?  If you are a libertarian, the choice is clear.

Now, it does seem odd to randomly accept the ideosyncratic views of an obscure Eastern European leader with no particular expertise in any relevent discipline over the consensus of the overwhelming majority of highly-qualified, dedicated experts, doesn’t it?  HA!  You have fallen for my trap!  By tacitly admitting your befuddlement, you have proven yourself ignorant of the Libertarian Academy, an entire parallel system of intellectual inquery and credentialing completely outside the Commie conspiracy which, since the fall of Communism, has brainwashed or cowed every scientist, every economist, and every world leader but one.  Carefully designed by John Stossel, Leonard Cohen, and the whole gang at Reason magazine, this completely de-pinko-fied list of the foremost Libertarian-approved authorities from in and around New Europe will enable you to Go Galt from the whole collectivist-statist “Knowing What You’re Talking About” global conspiracy!

For expert advice on this tricky question: Simply consult:
What is the latest scientific thinking on global climate change, and what are the best available policy solutions? Václav Klaus
Does a Hilbert curve or z curve achieve better clustering when applied as an access method for an arbitrary spatio-temporal database? A 2/3rds majority of the Kiev Society of Model Airplane Enthusiasts.
Is this lump cancerous? Jaromir Jagr
What is the mass of the tau neutrino? Miss Teen Latvia 1987 (runner-up)
If I receive a refund from taxes payed taxes to a foreign government in FY 2007, do I claim this as income for FY 2008?  Will this retroactively effect my claimed earned income credit in FY 2007? Udo Kier
What are the likely long-term impacts of the new federal stimulus bill on the commodities futures market? t.A.T.u.
Can one usefully apply genetic algorism to multi-hierarchical complex mechanical structure scheme innovation design? Jean-Claude Van Damme, “The Muscles of Brussels”
What are the implications of surjectivity to the study of the exponential maps of Lie groups? Dino Rađa
How did Locke’s “corpuscularian hypothesis” differ from Scholastic-Aristotelianism? Balki Bartokomous

They laughed at Gallileo too, you know.  That’s what Klaus Kinski told me, anyways.