Please, dear Reader, refresh my drug eviscerated memory: How many GOP governors was it, exactly, that refused even penny one of any of Bush’s many deficit exploding budgets?


Stunts are all they have left.  Cheap and hollow stunts.

Stunts, that is, and…a new black friend!  Whoah! Didn’t see that comin’ did you, you self congratulating Dems all contented with yourselves for electing a black prez?

Advantage, erased, because MC Black Steele is in charge of the RNC with his off da’ hook approach, oozing with all types of jiggy phat blingy, yo, in da hood type flava word up where hiz dogs at? type flow.  His street credometer surpasses even Camile Paglia’s (non X-rated) fantasy of Sarah Palin.  Behold, the era of street rapping steyelzzz at the RNC.

How long before Black Steele starts quoting Snoop Doggy Doo Doo

(Will Smith ringtone blaring)

Vegas just called: the over/under’s 6 months.  I’m taking bets in the comments.

Up-to-the-Date: Holy shiznit, this had already been prophesied

Update Don’t Call it a Comeback: Samantha Bee could totally have her way with me should she so choose and really, why wouldn’t she.  License granted.