So BoingBoing — in an effort to stave off the boredom caused by posting the same damn thing over and over again, presumably (it’s a japanese paper iPhone watch — made of unicorns! Today on BoingBoing Ocho.) asked noted b-list transhumanist Charles Platt to be a guestblogger. All good times, until Charles Platt unleashed the LATE NIGHT GLOBAL WARMING DENIALISM BLITZKREIG!

Witness: the great BoingBoing war of 2009:

In the crazy-ass denialist corner we have noted non-expert and science fiction author CHARLES PLATT! Aaaaaand he’s coming out strong:
Ker-flap! (oookay a little heavy on the self-published books by loons, Chuck, but I like your aggresion)
OH! And nobody expects the WHAP!

AND in this corner, wearing the NERD PURPLE trunks, we have noted non-expert and science fiction author CORY DOCTOROW with his UNDEFEATED RECORD on HIS OWN BLOG:

WHO WILL EMERGE TRIUMPHANT? Only Gregg Easterbrook knows for sure.

One thing’s for sure: it won’t be Bangladesh! Hahaheehoohahoohah, heh, woo.

Seriously, much as I’m irritated by global warming denialism, you have to kind of love Charles Platt’s tactical instincts. That man has played some Starshipfleet Battles, mark my words.