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“I have had it with these motherfucking Turks on this motherfucking plane!”

The War on Terror has officially lapped stupid:

A US citizen was booted from a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to New York after he complained there were “Arab types” on board, Turkish news media reported.

Daniel Sussman Pincus, whose age and hometown were not given but who was described in one report as an American of German origin, shouted his complaints as the flight was preparing to depart Monday.

Imagine that, “Arab types” aboard a Turkish Airlines flight departing from Istanbul.  Why, I bet there were even some Muslim-esque individuals on board!   The nerve of some people!  You’d think they’d have been a bit more sensitive to Mr. Pincus’ bedwetting sensibilities.

And yes, ye horde of pedantic fact checking know-it-alls, I know that Turks aren’t Arabs, but do you suppose the paranoid Mr. Samuel L. Pincus was really all that discerning with his swarthy fellow travelers?

Now that the War on Terror has achieved this career milestone, I think it’s time he retired.  Permanently – not as some marketing gimmick ala Jay Z or Cher. 

Speaking as a concerned onlooker, the last thing the War on Terror wants is to end up looking like he held on too long.  Like, say, Brett Favre.