Previous winners:

2005 – Bill O’Reilly

2006 – Crazy Pam What’s-Her-Face

The Coveted and Oft-Delayed Palme d’Haire: rarely has the winner of such a groundbreaking award been considered with such detail, or such care:

1. John McCain – The whole Sarah Palin romance-gone-wrong, supporting waterboarding, courting the crazies, getting the crazies, being The CrazyJoe the Plumberstunt worksinging.

2. Jonah Goldberg – Liberal Fascism (the book), Liberal Fascism (the endless pity party), embodying the Platonic ideal of a wanker, compulsive acts of “Jonanism“.

3. Harry Reid-Caves Boldly leading the Democratic Senate to glorious surrender, Lieberman-enabling.

4. Sarah Palin There was Troopergate – I believe that came first.  Shortly followed by Dumb-As-A-Box-Of-RocksGate, Six-Figure-WardrobeGate, Reads-All-NewspapersGate, Teenage-Pregnancy-By-Narco-HillbillyGate, her Wank of the Year entry, and so on.  There was also some shit about witches, and some nonsense about a turkey, but that’s just too weird, and probably just some dream I had.  Also, she started a Wingnut Civil War (which, naturally, consisted mostly of cattiness and crying).  Sarah Palin is awesome.

5. Michelle MalkinA one-woman army in The War on Coffee.  Boycots Dunkin’ Donuts because Rachael Ray wore a scarf, nowboycotting Starbucks because … something.   Coffee-colored people from coffee-producing nations caused the housing crisis, too, and also every other problem ever.  Also, whining, and constant wrongness.