Previous winners:

2005 – The War On Christmas

2006 – The Wankosphere, Jamilgate

kids_holding_hands__t250Whether putting out rigorous position papers in the competative, results-oriented world of a right-wing think tank; crafting powerful rhetoric for a WSJ editorial or National Review feature article; or spending hours rehashing the finer points of Vince Foster’s “suicide” on the SeanHannity.com forums; the John Galts of wingnuttia know that – while rugged individualists – they are all part of something bigger than themselves.  An Army of Davids, a Fraternity of Fact-Checkers.  And, like any fraternity, they know that even the most solitary, individualistic, and shameful pursuit is that much better when done as a team.  Working together, even lending a helping hand when one teammate is too grossed-out or cramped to go on, they can make the merely risible into something truly disgusting.  The Soggy Biscuit is awarded in honor of the biggest circle-jerk of the year.

The Nominees for the 2008 Soggy Biscuit:

  1. The Jingosphere, “Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s book!
  2. The Jingosphere, “10-year-old Obama seduced child molesters!!
  3. The Washington Press Corps, 2008 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner
  4. The Jingosphere, “Obama’s birth certificate is a fake!
  5. The Jingosphere, African Press International’s big scoop