Previous winners:

2005 – Bill O’Reilly, general whininess

2006 – Richard Cohen, “Steven Stephen Colbert isn’t funny, and I know from funny!

crybabySuffering: is there anyone who knows more about it than conservatives?  No, there isn’t, and how insensitive of me to even ask!  Scourged by the whips of political correctness; cruelly mocked at fancy cocktail parties by apocryphal liberals who spit chardonnay in their faces and fix them with a thorny Crown of Not Agreeing With Me; and, finally, led away from their just reward to be nailed to a rugged cross of Very Mean Blog Posts with rude nails of Naughty Words – such a Passion would break lesser mortals.  But, as the bold Chickenhawk is invincible in battle, the wounded wingnut is unbroken in defeat.  Stoically putting down his parasol and hand fan, manfully gathering up his petticoats and bustle, he runs sobbing – and with a quiet dignity – from the shade of the magnolia tree to the drawing room to pen an editorial about how nasty and horrible everybody is and how his small and shell-like ears have never heard such uncouthness and wah wah wah all the fucking way home.

  1. Jonah Goldberg, “The White Man is the Jew of Liberal Fascism
  2. Michelle Malkin, “John McCain won’t return my calls!
  3. Michael Gerson, “Al Franken used bad words!
  4. The McCain Campaign, “Obama called Sarah Palin a pig!
  5. Geraldine Ferraro, “They’re attacking me because I’m white!