Previous winners:

2005 – Hindrocket, “da Vinci, Einstein, Bush

2006 – Mark Halperin, “I loves you Hugh Hewitt!

Love, the Bard remind us, is a many-splintered thing*.  I never understood what the Bard could have meant by that, until I considered that he lived in a time of rough, ragged wooden floors, and before advances in synthetic fiber technology gave us the durable and nigh-impenetrable kneepad technology we take for granted today.  Though we may not suffer for love as we once did, does this mean we love our conservative idols less fully, less intensely, less unconditionally?  Indeed, no.  The love we have for our beloveds is as fulsome and rich as the love of any ‘tween for any Jonas Brother, and, if we were ever splintered for this love, would we not bare these scars proudly, crimson wounds pulsing with our own hearts’ blood a sign that …

OMG is that DAVID ADDINGTON?!?!?!  The way he subverts the Constitution is SO DREAMY!!!!!!  OMG HE’S LOOKING RIGHT ME OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Nominees for the 2008 Fluffy:

  1. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, “The Treatment of Bush Has Been A Disgrace
  2. Andrew Klavan, “Bush is Batman
  3. John J. Miller, “Jesse Helms was a civil rights hero
  4. Rich Lowry, “Starbursts
  5. Buttrocket, “Dubya: Master of Public Speaking

* It appears that love is, in fact, a many-splendored thing, and Shakespeare never said that.  I think this only goes to confirm my original point.