Nominate here for the 2008 Golden Winger Awards for Excellence in Wingnuttery:

Chickenhawk of the Year – bravest keyboarder

  1. David Horowitz, “Every day is Islamofascism Awareness Week
  2. Modern Conservative, “You are Leonides!
  3. Tony Blankley, “We won!
  4. Orsen Scott Card, “Time for a new Civil War!
  5. Keith Arnold, “I am John Galt!
  6. American Neocon, “The Destruction of America

The Fluffy – most disgusting, worshipful defense of powerful wingnut

  1. Ace, “The media should ignore what Scott McClellan says about the President of the United States, and instead report what Alice Walker’s daughter says about her mom!
  2. Andrew Sullivan, “You never forget your true love
  3. Fred Hiatt, “The Intelligence Committee says whatever I says it says
  4. John J. Miller, “Jesse Helms was a civil rights hero
  5. Hugh Hewitt, “Dubya: Hero of Bipartisanship
  6. Buttrocket, “Dubya: Master of Public Speaking

Purple Teardrop with Clutched Pearls Cluster – for enduring the cruelest butthurt

  1. Jonah Goldberg, “The White Man is the Jew of Liberal Fascism
  2. Michelle Malkin, “John McCain won’t return my calls!
  3. Michael Gerson, “Al Franken used bad words!
  4. KJ Lopez, On Republican Political Correctness
  5. Libertarian Republican, “The Day America Died
  6. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, “The Treatment of Bush Has Been A Disgrace
  7. Graeme Bird, “Americans Embrace Irrationalism
  8. Nice Doggie, “Wake Up, White People!
  9. Vox Day, “Welcome to the USSA

The Creamy Baileys – for science reporting

  1. Chad Myers, “Global warming is a cover-up for ACID OCEANS!!”
  2. Camille Paglia, “A new blog will bring scientific rigor to the global warming debate
  3. (Yes, that) Charlie Daniels, “Global warming is a yankee conspiracy!
  4. Gregg Easterbrook, “Global warming is a cover-up for KILLER ASTEROIDS!!!
  5. Gregg Easterbrook, “Global warming is a cover-up for GOVERNMENT-FUNDED HADRON DEATH ORGIES!!!
  6. Gregg Easterbrook, “Global warming is a cover-up for LIGHTSPEED ALIEN NUCLEAR ATTACKS!!!

Soggy Biscuit – biggest group wank

  1. The Jingosphere, “American troops are LYING about supply problems in Afghanistan!!
  2. The League of Pundits, “Barack Obama must denounce everything ever said by any black people, and whatever he says isn’t good enough
  3. The Washington Press Corps, 2008 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner
  4. The Jingosphere, “Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s book!
  5. The Jingosphere, “10-year-old Obama seduced child molesters!!

Wank of the Year – biggest single act of wanking of 2008

  1. Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism
  2. Mike Huckabee, “America is Nazi Germany
  3. Lisa Schiffren, “Miscegenation is symptomatic of Communism
  4. Instapunk, “I am sick to death of black people
  5. Ann Althouse, “The pyjamas of the child in the campaign ad for Hillary Clinton called Barack Obama “nigger”!
  6. Tony Zirkle, “The Great Jew Porn Dragon
  7. Fred Hiatt, “The Intelligence Committee says whatever I says it says
  8. Larry Johnson, The Unreleased Whitey Album
  9. Sarah Palin, “Disagreeing with me is unconstitutional!
  10. Velociman, “Obama will get us drunk and interracially buttrape us
  11. Dennis Prager, “Equality is unAmerican
  12. Rush Limbaugh, “Obama is a huge racist!
  13. Matt Margolis, “Finding suburbia dull is racist!
  14. Right Wing News, “Obama is like Hitler times Jim Jones PLUS NUKES!!

The Palme D’Haire – biggest wanker of 2008

  1. Jonah Goldberg
  2. Sarah Palin
  3. John McCain
  4. Joe Lieberman

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