Nous sommes tout Muntadar al-Zaidi.

Judged as a display of alertness and ninja prowess, the President’s dodge is, indeed, impressive.  But George W. Bush has spent most of his life fucking things up horribly, and then escaping any consequences for his incompetence and indifference.  This is who he is.  What you have seen is not a moment of quick thinking, it was  the man’s essence.  He always escapes unharmed.

Nevertheless, the ACLU, and others, have persisted in calls for the President to be investigated, and perhaps eventually tried, for his crimes.  Serious journalists have pointed out that it would be a terrible idea to dig up old business like this, which would certainly “[tear] this nation apart” by cruelly butthurting the delusional 25%ers who still play with Battle Action Bush dolls, and that we should concentrate on important, current, timely matters, such as what some ridiculous hippie the McCain campaign dug up did 40 years ago.  Or to conjure dark “clouds” linking Barack Obama – indisputably the most corrupt, scandalous black President in American history – to Rod Blagojevich, on the grounds that he, like SOHNEHO, probably likes the Bears.  Admittedly, this makes a nice change from automatically linking him to everything any black person has ever said, but it’s still fucking retarded.  The press appears ready to make up for letting Bush get away with 95 months of criminality by holding Obama accountable for any crime committed within a 400 mile radius.  Mr. al-Zaidi needs more shoes.