Apparently, those ComSymp hippies over at the Business Roundtable wish that America had lost at the Bay of Pigs Castro was still alive Cuba was still a totalitarian Russian satellite and poverty-stricken hellhole that the great benefits of our half-century isolation of Cuba – which are too obvious to be worth listing herehad never happened!

The National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) and USA*Engage, along with ten other leading trade associations today sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama, urging the incoming administration to reexamine current U.S. Cuba policy and consider new approaches that would benefit U.S. national security and economic interests and the Cuban people.

The associations, which include the American Farm Bureau Federation, Business Roundtable, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, applauded President-elect Obama’s support for suspending restrictions on family remittances, visits, and humanitarian care packages from Cuban Americans, and noted that while “these are excellent first steps…we urge you to also commit to a more comprehensive examination of U.S. policy.”

“Your administration has a unique opportunity to take steps to end nearly 50 years of isolation from Cuba and the Cuban people. We support the complete removal of all trade and travel restrictions on Cuba. We recognize that change may not come all at once, but it must start somewhere, and it must begin soon,” they wrote.

Whatever, Trotsky Starchild. Why don’t you and Fidel smoke another Romeo y Julieta blunt FULL OF DOOBIES AND REEFERS, since you apparently like it so much?  And then put it out in a human skull ashtray full of Elian Gonzalez’s tears, since that is another of your favorite activities as even a child could deduce from your current behavior? The Sixties are over when Rick Davis decides it’s convenient for them to be over, and not a second before.