Bill Ayers, aka SOHNEHO, has an Op-Ed in the NY Times.  Go on, read it.  Just click the link and read it.  You know you want to.  I can wait.

Oh, wait, you DON’T want to read it?  You DON’T care what Bill Ayers thinks about anything, even despite the thousands of mentions he has received in the NY Times over these past months, and despite the DEFINITIVE PROOF that Ayers and President-elect Obama both TOTALLY secretly supported Ryne Sandberg?  And now that the stupidest fucking election since the last one is finally over, and now that even the pathetically flimsy and circular “we must talk about him because he is a campaign prop designed to give us something to talk about” justification of his presence in the public sphere is gone, you would rather go back to actually not knowing who the fuck he is, rather than just pretending not to know who the fuck he is as a way of helping others Visualize A World Less Stupid through the transcendant power of slightly exaggerated indifference?  Wait, NOBODY FUCKING CARES what Bill Ayers thinks, because he’s SOME OLD HIPPIE NOBODY’S EVER HEARD OF, and he’s taking valuable column inches away from seriously addressing pantomime associations between Obama and attention whoring irrelevencies from this century, such as K-Fed:

If Joe the Plumber isn’t drinking grape soda up in Bill Keller’s desk chair by Thursday, I’ll consider it progress.