Failed academic Jeff Goldstein, 5:47 PM:

The end is near. Americans have chosen socialism. Or, more precisely, Americans have been carefully trained, over a number of years, to chose a candidate based on the most superficial of features (age, appearance), and for the most contrived of reasons (the campaign is “historic”; the candidate represents the “ideal of diversity,” etc).

But sorry: if Georgia and Indiana are too close to call at this point, the transition to a nannystate is just about complete.

Time to regroup and prepare ourselves for the lean years.

Failed academic Jeff Goldstein, 5:48 PM:

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I fear Barack Obama’s Europeanized nannystate socialism will have a deleterious effect on the American work ethic, leaving people unwilling to better their situation in lean times through an honest day’s blegging.  The coming collapse of the wingnut welfare system should produce some glorious contortions.