Brad DeLong has some thoughts on where Democrats can go on their Man Date:

This degree of Republican partisan entrenchment in the court is–in a word–bizarre. It is not a good thing.

Moreover. this Supreme Court forfeited any claim to be due deference from the other branches of the government when it prostituted its office to install George W. Bush as president eight years ago. It then established a new constitutional principle: that if an election is close and if one party has appointed an overwhelming majority of justices of the Supreme Court, that majority gets to decide the election. […]

Three of the justices who prostituted their high offices in Bush v. Gore are still on the bench. Either Thomas, Scalia, and Kennedy resign, or congress needs to sanction them. If Thomas, Scalia, and Kennedy will not do the honorable thing, the congress should neutralize them by temporarily enlarge the court to twelve as a one-time sanction for the way in which they prostituted their office eight years ago.

I would add:

  • Statehood for Washington, DC; Puerto Rico.
  • The Fairness Doctrine, and other punitive measures against right-wing media
  • Revoking the tax-exempt status of churches who get involved in politics (cha-ching)
  • Criminal investigations of the Bush years
  • Fuck Joe Lieberman

And we can move on from there.  Elections have consequences, as do all the choices people have made.  What is done cannot be undone, nor can it be forgotten.


… Which is to say nothing of the historic problems Democrats will own fully in 76 days, although they are intimately related to the power politics issues.  I see no reason to think, after the events of the last 16 years, that the Republicans and Republican appointees remaining in government have any interest other than denying the Democrats success.  They need to be beaten, over and over, utterly, in elections and in government, until such time as they have shown themselves deserving of trust.  2010 and 2012 need to be humiliating repudiations of Gingrich-Bush-DeLay-Hastert-Boener-McConnell Republicanism, just as humiliating as 2006 and 2008 were.  Consolidate your gains, and prepare for the next big battle.