If this next clip were one of those cutesy pun stores, and also if it sold sewing supplies and sewing-themed merchandise, it would be called “Sew Awesome”:

Dana Bash: I just got off of the phone, Wolf, with a senior McCain adviser and I read this person the quote and I think it is fair to say that this person was speechless.  There was a long pause and I just heard a “huh” on the other end of the phone.

Well said.

So: Palin/Todd 2012?  Palin/Sinclair 2012?  Palin/of Spades 2012?  Like, where is Sarah Freaking Palin going to find a VP choice who won’t make her look like a total lightweight, who won’t just use her as a stepping stone to greater things, and who will be willing to launch attacks which she herself finds “too sleazy”?

Oh, I know: Palin/McCain 2012.  That sounds perfect.