Time Cube Guy endorses McCain:

At the risk of my life, I must issue a GRAVE WARNING to my fellow Americans – about a
potential Civil War between millions if Obama,
the Black candidate, is elected President of the
United States, displacing the white president –
inducing America to become a Black Nation.
There are some whites who cannot accept this,
especially during the drastic hardtimes ahead,
and will initiate a spark of violence that will
spread over the Earth like a wildfire. The
World is now on the verge of such a threat,
and the World condition is highly volatile.
This is most likely the test Biden mentioned.
Neither candidate mentioned RACE for its
beyond their expertise – so they just let it
happen – slaughter like never seen before.
I fear if Obama wins, America will lose.
Now, what will you do to avoid such a hell?

Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human
Gene Ray is sole Authority on Harmonic Time Cube.
Collection of raw data on this Site will empower the
Greatest Book ever written. That includes Bibles and
Academic Scientific Books. Stop evil Ad Hominemism.

Wait: Obama’s black? Why was I not informed?

It is impossible for an academic deified Queer ONE god to give
birth to, or breast-feed a Baby. […]
You’re Educated ONE Nitwits,
I possess Math & Science Proof.
A Queer as God = Queer HIV.

There is much, much, much more.  I think this points the way for the Republican party to form a vibrant new electoral coalition in time for 2012.  Time Cube Guy, Chuck Norris, Pedobear and the conFURvatives will form the new “base”.  Around them we could collect Tron Guy (transhumans), Peter Pan Guy (crunchy cons), Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa Guy, lonelygirl15, Kung Fu Baby and Dramatic Prairie Dog, Chris Crocker, and 50 billion house cats, forming a Coalition to Defend Traditional Internet Values.  If my calculations are correct, this coalition could deliver over 9000 electoral votes in the next general election, and good will triumph over evil.

Here is a possible ad campaign: