Make … the pain … go away:

As TMQ always wonders about deep-space cosmology, why assume everything we are observing is natural? In the Iain Banks “The Culture” sci-fi novels, a utopian human society battles a monstrous biologically immortal (they never age, but can die by violence) alien race called the Idirans. As an ultimate weapon, The Culture learns how to destabilize stars and make them engulf planets; faced with destruction of their worlds, the Idirans yield. How do we know some distant advanced race has not learned to make stars like Eta Carinae unstable, and is using this knowledge in an apocalyptic war?

Indeed. How do we know that annoying aliens from Unibrau 7 haven’t sent a secret agent to Earth, planted him in a “science expert” “job” at Brookings, and used this position to disseminate bonghit philosophizing so unbelievably retarded that anyone who reads it wants to put their face in a blender?  Talk about an ultimate weapon!