Jesse Taylor chides the McCain campaign for lack of focus:

It’s not so much that McCain’s campaign has been purposefully sleazy as they’ve been meanderingly, pointlessly sleazy.  It’s the “fuck it, whatever” guide to Republican politics, with no particular focus except putting anything out there to win a daily news cycle.  Obama was a conspirator in voter fraud for a weekend, a terrorist for about three days, until he was a socialist because some plumber in Ohio said so.  Before that he was a celebrity and presumptuous, a race-baiter, a shady community organizer, sexist, inexperienced, a baby killer, a sex predator and a dozen other things.  You wonder why McCain/Palin supporters feel like they can go to rallies and talk about Obama being a Jew-bought Islamic radical cokehead forced abortionist communist?  Because it’s the standard that the campaign’s set by having ridiculously drawn out public conversations designed to draw full attention to the charges while laboring under the pretense that they’re “debating” over using the smear. 

Truly.  Say what you will about Karl Rove, but at least he tends to be monogamous when it comes to rat relationships (with, perhaps, a mistress on the side).  He picks a dirty, indecent line of attack (or two) and hammers away at them like Bob Dole on viagra. 

The reasons are simple, and the methodology effective: Rove recognizes the importance of rote repetition (in the age of rampant ADD), and the potential to reach a dirty-tricks tipping point (if you clutter the mind of the voting public with too many salacious details).   

McCain’s campaign, on the other hand, is more scattershot than the scars on the face of a Cheney hunting partner.  Either Rove is not in close consulation with the McCain camp, his minions (Schmidt) aren’t up to the task or Teh Blossom is off his game (then again, digging out of Bush’s 8 years ain’t an easy task even for the rat-fucking Don Juan himself). 

Either way, the McCainiacs have thrown so much shit at the wall that the neighbors are starting to notice the putrid smell.  It’s just unseemly.  McCain’s all and nothing approach is inciting crowds at the block party to near-violent froth (and beyond), as drunk-on-hate attendees regurgiate the whole smorgasbord of offal in incoherent, meandering streams that form in pools on the overgrown lawn of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. 

The attempts to fertilize the moribund soil with the latest versions of Miracle Hate (now comes in anti-Gay and anti-Muslim varieties!) isn’t covering up the decay.  It’s gotten so bad that the villagers seem to have decided that the McCains’ vile manners are bringing property values down faster than would the upstanding black couple looking to move into the neighborhood with their two daughters. 

Let that sink in for a minute: George Bush fucked this country up so bad, and McCain has run such an incompetent campaign, that America might actually elect a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office – sending the Republican Party into a downward spiral of internecine conflict and finger pointing. 

Shakira’s Ass The Lord works in mysterious ways.