Frank Gaffney of the Washington Times Moonie Cult Daily Newsletter:

The next three weeks afford the American people – and the media, the courts and the FEC – an opportunity to get to the bottom of Barack Obama’s ties to and affinity for jihadists who have their own reasons for relishing his promise of “change” for this country. Unfortunately, the change his Islamists supporters have in mind is for global theocratic rule under Shariah, and the end of our constitutional, democratic government.

Via David Corn, along with examples of several other genres of right-wing meltdowns, although Pam Atlas is still the standard-bearer in the YouTube arena.  He says:

Some of these attacks do seem silly and are probably designed more to squeeze money out of paranoid rightwing contributors than to sway swing voters. (Don’t vote for Obama because he will let Soros loot the US treasury?) But they are something of a warning: if Obama wins, this is the tenor of the conservative opposition he will face right out of the box: sensationalized, racialized, apocalyptic, and crazy.

Right Wing Watch has more.  They are going to lose their Precious due to liberal tricksiness.  The next 4-8 years are going to be insane.

… Those who don’t believe that a liberal black Muslim gay Jewish foreign coastal elitist Hollyweird conspiracy could really impose Shariah without anyone noticing simply do not understand how cunning and sneakiness work.  Here, let me show you how it will happen: