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In the course of considering Peak Wingnut Theory, John Cole discovers Erick Erickson of Red State staying classy by booming a National Enquirer story about the possibility that, as Erickson puts it, “Barack Obama had an underage, gay affair with a pedophile.” That’s a pretty interesting way to describe what may have happened between the two. Obama met Frank Marshall Davis when Obama was ten years old. When people discuss (possible) sexual contact between ten-year-old boys who are not their political enemies and grown men, they usually refer to the “underage gay affairs” as sexual abuse. They also recognize that adults who have been abused may or may not wish to tell the whole world the details, and they respect it. Admittedly, most people are not members of the NAMBLA wing of the Republican Party, or, failing that, curdled into pure meanness. Maybe Erickson just holds with the more sweeping theories about the cultural construction of the age of consent. Whatever the reason, he’s sure that that little vixen, ten-year-old Barry Obama, was asking for it man.

When Mr. Henley fails to understand here is that Mr. Davis, like Mark Foley before him, was seduced by a sluttish underage boy, as part of an elitist plan orchestrated by ACORN to make Michael Moore svelt by using Rachael Ray’s headscarf as a sail on a Frenchified windsurf board which he would ride around a crescent-shaped 9/11 memorial until the Bible was banned!  Also, after we broke the BTKWB limit, a wormhole to a parallel Wingnuttoverse was created right over Gary Glitter’s guest cottage at Neverland ranch, giving Mr. Erickson access to an inexhaustible supply of sub-Malkin thigh-rubbing pedophile nonsense CITIZEN JOURNALISM!!!

Also, Barack Obama is going to be President, the Democrats may have a veto-proof Senate majority, and Paul K’thrugman won the Nobel Prize.  Wingnuttia is a city coming down from its trip, and there are going to be a lot of refugees.  Order of the Shrill tee shirts are now on sale.

… Dan Reihl keeps it classy:

Okay, to summarize – from the time he was a child until he was a young man, I guess, Barack Obama drank whiskey, wrote dirty limericks, read poetry and, um, was counseled by a sexual deviant, child molester, rapist of children? That about cover it? And in his book he said it had a lasting effect on him? Damn. That could actually be very sad.

That may be worse than his having been counseled by Jeremiah Wright.

No wonder he says “Pakit-stan” in that funny way of his! heh!

The Confederate Wankee:

Barack Obama’s list of known mentors now includes child rapists (“Uncle Frank” Marshall), racists (Rev. Jeremiah Wright) and terrorists (Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn).

When is someone going to question how these associations must have warped Obama’s views and render him unstable, and unsuitable for the Presidency?

Conservatism belongs in DSM-V.