Simon of Classical Values:

And why do people hate science so much? Well it is hard to understand and requires a lot of complicated math and difficult concepts. I’m pretty good with that sort of thing. I understand Einstein but the math is beyond me.

In a related story, I had a torrid affair with Gisele Bündchen but I never met her.

While this post may be pointless, it moves certain other posts further down the page.  AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!!

… Because I can’t stop myself: ConFURvatives!

The name of this community really describes it. ConFURvatives are Furries who are conservative, right-winged, republican, or even just Christian.

Unlike other political communities that often have constant arguing between liberals and conservatives – ConFURvatives is strictly for conservatives and is not for liberal/conservative debate, but rather, conservative discussion. Membership is moderated to insure the group stays 100% right-wing. The reason for this is to eliminate flaming of conservatives – since being one in the furry fandom isn’t the easiest of things to be.

Makes Red State kind of redundant.