Some liberislamofascigayborters might be tempted to draw conclusions about John McCain’s foreign policy omniscience from the fact that McCain either:

1. Didn’t know that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was the Prime Minister of Spain (ed note: Bush calls him “Zappy.” Honest.);

2. Didn’t know that Spain was in Europe; or

3. Didn’t realize that Spain was a member of NATO and EU and that, as such, meeting with Spain’s Prime Minister would not require a review of Spain’s dedication to “humans rights, democracy and freedom.” Nor the tenor of the long-standing good relations between the US and…well, Spain.

Some hate-filled liebruhls will look at this and proclaim that, in truth, McCain’s supposed foreign policy expertise is all hype and little substance.  That his knowledge is shallow, his judgment simplistic and his counsel bound to lead to disastrous results as it has in the past.  Others will argue that McCain’s inability to recall simple facts about well known allies such as Spain is a sign that the early-to-middle stages of senility are setting in.  He is, after all, incredibly oldy old old. 

But those people would miss this essential point: On her one trip overseas, while on her way to a refueling stop in Ireland before heading on to Kuwait, Sarah Palin glanced out the window and saw Spain.  With her own two eyes!

My friends, McCain’s gob-smacking ignorance is of no consequence.  Sarah Palin knows more about Spain than anyone in the US of A.

THE EDITORS adds: McCain campaign confirms that Spain has joined the Axis of Evil. This is part of a cunning and sophisticated plan to win the War On Foreign. Or something.

May you live in stupid times.

CURV3BALL adds: I mean, Spain has troops in Afghanistan ferchrisakes.  And McCain wants to cut off relations?  Insult the country?  Dis Spain’s moms?

War on Foreign indeed.

SIFU adds: Has nobody considered that he thought the guy said “zapateria” and wants to declare war on shoes?

CURV3BALL adds: Or perhaps Zappa Terrist, an obvious reference to Frank Zappa – Osama’s #3 I believe.

THE EDITORS: Look, Spaniardism is a gateway nationality: you start off Spanish, then you graduate to Mexicanism, and then it’s just a quick change of headgear an you’re an Ay-rab.  Spain is the tactical pivot, Univision is the strategic pivot, Shakira’s ass is the prize.  You couldn’t possibly understand.

First McCain calls his opponent a child molestor, now he declares war on the terrorists of Al con Queso.  Perhaps he needs to stop taking campaign advice from the talk radio in GTA4.

CURV3BALL: Evidence of a coup in the works?  McCain spokesman Randy Sheunemann refers to Prime Minister Zapatero as President Zapatero in the campaign’s official statement.  Since we know these guys are foreign policy geniuses incapable of error or oversight, this looks like direct and incontrovertible evidence that McCain plans to overthrow Spain’s al-Qaeda-run parliamentary system, remaking it in our glorious image.

To which I say: Mas rapido, por favor.

THE EDITORS adds: To all those wiseasses who are pointing out that Spain isn’t in Latin America, I have one word: Pangea. Sure, it’s not there now, but John McCain learned geography before it was coopted by the liberal “anything goes” agenda of moral and continental drift. And he had a COOL PET DINOSAUR!!!!